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LIVE WEBINAR – Policing Black Bodies: How Black Lives are Surveilled & How to Work for Change

June 30, 2020

Featuring Drs. Angela Hattery and Earl Smith; Moderated by Robert Patillo. The events unfolding across our nation today renew a long-standing call for fundamentalchanges to our nation’s institutions. While today’s cries carry the echoes fromthe protests following the deaths of…


June 24, 2020

Earl Smith, PhD — Angela J. Hattery, PhD The Emancipation Proclamation of September 22, 1862 became official January 1, 1863 thus ending chattel slavery. Slave owners could have cared less. Many moved to Texas to avoid the freedom extended to…

Breonna Taylor: A letter from a mother to her daughter….

June 5, 2020

Dear Breonna: I am not your mother and I never can be nor would I presume to be. But, I am a mother of a daughter, her name is Emma. You and Emma were born just 36 days apart. Emma…

Black Lives Matter and #MeToo

June 5, 2020

Michael Steele, former chair of the RNC, said the other day that the arrest of the Black-Hispanic CNN reporter while he did his job covering the protests in Minneapolis was an example of what it’s like to be a Black…


June 4, 2020

Earl Smith, PhD — Angela J. Hattery, PhD For the past week or so many, many individuals, news people, corporations have been saying–from their various platforms–that Black Lives Matter. We disagree. If Black lives mattered, Black people would not lag…

Violence, White Supremacy and the Value of the Black Body

May 29, 2020

Many people may be surprised by not only the police violence in Minneapolis, but also by the protests that are ravaging the city. Isn’t that a “white” state? It’s not in the south? Why are Black people there so angry…

White Privilege at the DMV

May 25, 2020

Scene: The State DMV Purpose: To get drivers’ licenses in the state where we had recently moved What to bring: Passport, Social Security Card, 2 pieces of mail with your current address We moved during the Covid-19 global pandemic to…

Anna Julia Cooper (August 10, 1858 – February 27, 1964)

May 2, 2020

Anna Julia Cooper’s best-known written work, A Voice from the South by a Black Woman of the South, was published in 1892. This collection of essays and speeches, described by Mary Helen Washington as an “unparalleled articulation of black feminist thought”…


April 18, 2020

by Earl Smith, PhD and Angela J. Hattery, PhD My book Race, Sport and the American Dream (RSAD, 2014) is an analysis of race in SportsWorld (™) from the time sports became an American item. From the early days of Marshall…

COVID-19 and Solitary Confinement: A Comparison

April 5, 2020

Angela J. Hattery and Earl Smith Boredom. Limited opportunities to exercise. Scarcity at the grocery store. Restaurants are “take out” only. Libraries are closed. Travel is almost non-existent. The internet seems to creep at a snail’s pace making movie streaming…