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Violence, White Supremacy and the Value of the Black Body

May 29, 2020

Many people may be surprised by not only the police violence in Minneapolis, but also by the protests that are ravaging the city. Isn’t that a “white” state? It’s not in the south? Why are Black people there so angry…

White Privilege at the DMV

May 25, 2020

Scene: The State DMV Purpose: To get drivers’ licenses in the state where we had recently moved What to bring: Passport, Social Security Card, 2 pieces of mail with your current address We moved during the Covid-19 global pandemic to…

Anna Julia Cooper (August 10, 1858 – February 27, 1964)

May 2, 2020

Anna Julia Cooper’s best-known written work, A Voice from the South by a Black Woman of the South, was published in 1892. This collection of essays and speeches, described by Mary Helen Washington as an “unparalleled articulation of black feminist thought”…


April 18, 2020

by Earl Smith, PhD and Angela J. Hattery, PhD My book Race, Sport and the American Dream (RSAD, 2014) is an analysis of race in SportsWorld (™) from the time sports became an American item. From the early days of Marshall…

COVID-19 and Solitary Confinement: A Comparison

April 5, 2020

Angela J. Hattery and Earl Smith Boredom. Limited opportunities to exercise. Scarcity at the grocery store. Restaurants are “take out” only. Libraries are closed. Travel is almost non-existent. The internet seems to creep at a snail’s pace making movie streaming…

A Hoop Dreams Reality Check

March 18, 2020

UPDATED OCTOBER 21, 2014, 12:30 PM Many people see sports as the only viable pathway to the American Dream for poor African-American families. Young athletes often have coaches who live and work in middle class communities. This provides exposure to…

White / Black Ethnographers and the Question of ‘Access’

February 2, 2020

Some of the best in urban (and rural) ethnography—here and abroad—has white ethnographers peering into the lives of Black and other non-white people. Oscar Lewis (“The Culture of Poverty”);  Margaret Mead (Trobriand Islanders); Elliot Liebow (Tally’s Corner); Harold Foote Gosnell…

Gender Power & Violence book cover

New Review of Gender, Power and Violence

January 8, 2020

GENDER, POWER, AND VIOLENCE: RESPONDING TO SEXUAL AND INTIMATE PARTNER VIOLENCE IN SOCIETY TODAY Authors: Angela J. Hattery and Earl SmithPublisher: Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2019. 246p.Reviewer: Kimberly Fairchild | September 2019 After allowing the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) to…

Disproportionately Black

November 8, 2019

Earl Smith, PhD – Sociology –  George Mason University smithearl8@gmail.com   Angela J. Hattery, PhD – Women & Gender Studies – George Mason University hatterya@gmail.com    Black youth are currently confined in the criminal punishment system Blacks get longer criminal sentences than whites Blacks…


July 25, 2019

Earl Smith and Angela J. Hattery  Introduction Race matters (Feagin 2013; West 2000). Race also matters in Sportsworld. Race impacts virtually every aspect of our lives, from the opportunities we have to attend higher education, our access to health care, the…