The Catholic Church

Inside of this Catholic Church you have a Cardinal (Theodore McCarrick de-frocked from the priesthood) for raping young boys; you have priests raping nuns, then setting up sex slave rings and having them have abortions when they get pregnant; you have gay priests saying they are living in “iron cages” not the closet and having consensual sex; you have outright priest sexually abusing boys for years on end and finally you have all of this not just in Boston but also Brazil, California, Alaska, Argentina and elsewhere.

This is a crisis.

There is no “conversation.”

You have the movement of accused, confirmed sexual predator priests moved from one parish to another, all over the US.

The church pays mostly in secret millions on top of millions of dollars to keep victims quiet. 

Yet, there is no national (international) outcry for this sexual violence.

What is to be done? 

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